Pangani Beach

The name “Pangani is named after the river which end up in this small town, The river Pangani is being fed by the mountains Meru, Kilimanjaro and Usambaras, and ends up in the Indian Ocean. The town Pangani is 50 km from Tanga town by road. Like other Tanzanian coastal towns Pangani has historical buildings, plantations and factories established by their colonizers; Arabs, Germans and British. Unlike Zanzibar Pangani is less visited and this makes it a unique place for a calm tour where one will enjoy clean water and white sand beaches and friendly people.

Usongo Beach in Pangani

Ushongo beach in Pangani Village is one of the little-known secrets of the Tanzania coast. It is quiet, has a beautiful white sandy beach fringed by coconut palms, and generally is an ideal place in which to relax. The beach is protected by three reefs, the furthest one with excellent snorkeling and scuba diving.