Arusha National Park

Arusha National Park:

Arusha National Park covers an area of 328.4km and is famous for it’s variation in game animals that can be viewed at a very close quarters.

As the park is very close to Moshi town and Arusha city, it is an ideal day trip destination even for visitors whom are attending seminars, workshops or have business in Arusha and Moshi. Mount Meru is also located within the park. December to April is a great time for bird lovers. Many birds then came over from Europe.

Park history
In 1876, Count Teleki, a Hungarian, visited the Momella area. He commented on the vast number of hippo’s and rhinos that he saw. The latter, however, are sadly no longer in the park.

In 1907 the Trappe family moved to Momella to start farming, using large areas of the present park as a cattle ranch.

The elder Mrs. Trappe was the first woman to become a professional hunter in East Africa.

The following attractions are worth visiting in the Arusha National Park

Mommela lakes
The lakes consist of shallow salt lakes, each with its own shade of green or blue. It is rich in minerals and algae, which attracts many water birds, including flamingos and ibises. In the breeding season they turn pink from the flamingos. Zebras and giraffes graze on the banks.

Mount Meru
Mount Meru is located in the heart of the park. This rugged mountain is the highest mountain in Tanzania after Kilimanjaro. In clear weather you can see Kilimanjaro which is about 70 kilometers away. It is an active strato volcano. With fertile slopes there is a lot of game including buffalo, giraffes, zebras and more than 400 species of birds.

Game drive, walking safaris, mountain biking, horseback riding and Canoeing.
Climbing the mountain can be done in 3 or 4 days.
The best time to climb is from June to February.