Horse Riding Near Arusha National Park

A Majestic Journey with Green Africa Guide

Galloping Through Tanzania’s Scenic Outskirts : The landscapes surrounding Arusha National Park, painted with the hues of green expanses and the majestic silhouette of Mount Meru, offer a unique horse riding experience. Venture beyond the park’s borders and discover the beauty of Tanzania from the back of a horse.

A Journey’s Tranquil Start : Our horse riding escapade begins with a scenic drive to the outskirts of Arusha National Park. As the urban hustle fades, the vistas of rolling hills, traditional Maasai villages, and distant glimpses of wildlife set the tone for our adventure.

Saddle Up with Assurance : Upon reaching our starting point, our seasoned guides introduce riders to our well-groomed horses, ensuring a perfect match for every rider’s skill level. Our commitment is to ensure every rider feels both the thrill and safety of the journey ahead.

Exploring Tanzania’s Hidden Trails : On horseback, the land around Arusha unveils its charm. Ride along paths less traveled, experience the tranquility of open fields, and catch a glimpse of wildlife in the distance. This unique perspective bridges a connection between rider, nature, and the majestic Tanzanian landscape.

Moments of Connection : As we trot and canter across the land, riders forge a deep bond with their horse. This harmony of movement, combined with shared experiences, creates memories that last a lifetime.

A Pause to Marvel at Nature : We’ll halt at a serene location, allowing both the riders and horses to rejuvenate. Here, we indulge in a picturesque picnic, share tales, and absorb the breathtaking views of Mount Meru and the surrounding landscapes.

Riding Home with Stories to Tell : Our journey culminates with a leisurely ride back, with the setting sun casting a golden embrace over the Tanzanian horizons, a testament to the day’s shared wonders.

Discover a New Adventure with Green Africa Guide : Horse Riding near Arusha National Park with Green Africa Guide offers an alternative way to immerse in Tanzania’s beauty. It’s about harmonizing with the land, forging bonds, and basking in nature’s rhythm. Join us on this unique escapade, just a gallop away from one of Tanzania’s most iconic parks.