Maasai Walking Safari


6-Day Trek from Wasso to the Mesmerizing Ngare Sero by Lake Natron

Pre-Expedition (Day 0)

Your adventure begins tomorrow, but today, you acclimate to the landscape and culture, preparing for the days ahead.

Day 1: Wasso Wanderings

Embarking from Wasso, you’ll cross the gentle flow of the Wasso River. The day promises encounters with local Maasai going about their daily routines. As you tread through undulating hills, breathtaking vistas unfold, stretching all the way to the Kenyan border. A mid-day respite awaits amidst the Maasai shrubs, refueling you for the remainder of the 16km, 5-6 hour journey. Nightfall sees you at Osupuko, with tents ready for slumber.

Day 2: Sun Over Sonjo Valley

From Osupuko, you’ll weave through woodlands and brush, making your way towards the Sonjo Valley. As you halt for lunch, the valley spreads out below, offering a teaser of what’s to come. Descend into the valley, home to the Batemi (or Sonjo) people, known for their intricate irrigation systems. End your 19km, 5-6 hour trek at a tent camp, where local children and families extend a warm welcome.

Day 3: Rainforest Rambles

Set out from Sonjo Valley, with the vibrant hues of the valley’s red earth as your backdrop. The trail weaves through a rainforest teeming with avian life, butterflies, and lush flora, leading you to Digodigo. Here, besides a tented camp by a clinic, you can delve into village life, visiting the dispensary, strolling through local shops, and mingling at the bars. Today’s trek covers 9km in 3-4 hours.

Day 4: Masusu Marvels

Early risers are rewarded with a walk through dry terrains heading towards Lake Natron. Leaving the hills of Digodigo, the landscape levels, guiding you through acacia groves and bird-filled bushes. Experience the warmth of Batemi settlements before re-entering Maasai territory. Spot children with goat herds, women gathering wood or water, and if fortune favors, encounter Maasai warriors. At Masusu, the local school’s headmaster shares tales of his world. After 17km and 5-6 hours, a tented camp awaits.

Day 5: Natron Nirvana

Your final walking day kickstarts with a journey along gravel trails, followed by a descent into the East African Rift Valley. Marvel at the beauty of Lake Natron and the imposing Ol Doinyo Lengai volcano. Though the thermal springs of Lake Natron beckon, its high temperatures are more suited for flamingos and pelicans. Vehicles transport you for the last stretch to Engare Sero. Refresh, and if time allows, a visit to the Engare Sero waterfalls is a must. Today’s trek: 21km in 4-5 hours.

NOTE: Every trail benefits from the assurance of a support vehicle, providing a comforting presence and flexibility for trekkers. Paired with competitive rates, families find this walking safari an unbeatable deal. Our adept Maasai crew, including a guide, chef, and porter, ensures a seamless journey. For further insights, check our dedicated link to Ol Doinyo Lengai.

Price in USD
Group size 2-3

Group size 4-6
Group size 7 +
6 Days / 5 Nights
Price per person1,857 1,280negotiable