Maasai Walking Safari

MAASAI WALKING SAFARI: A Journey through Time and Terrain

6-Day Expedition from Ketumbeine to Ngare Sero by Lake Natron

Pre-Expedition (Day 0)

Upon arrival at Ketumbeine, we’ll be escorted to the tranquil Naapok campsite. Settle into the rhythms of the wild during a comprehensive briefing session and an introduction to the seasoned Maasai crew. As dusk settles, the serenity of the landscape invites you to relax and rejuvenate.

Day 1: The Savanna Beckons

Set forth from the Naapok campsite, traversing through lush savannah forests, and covering an invigorating stretch of approximately 17km over 6-7 hours. As twilight descends, unwind at the Porini Campsite, where the distant hyena calls serve as a melodious lullaby – all while being under the vigilant watch of our Maasai guardians.

Day 2: Mountains & Mysteries

Journey from the Porini campsite to the foot of the majestic Gilai Mountain. This 18km trek, lasting 7-8 hours, promises encounters with an array of wildlife, including graceful giraffes, zebras, and antelopes, along with the elusive kori bustard and secretary bird gracing the skies.

Day 3: Descent & Discovery

Starting at the Gilai Mountain campsite, embark on a trek that takes you into the very heart of Maasai land. This slightly more challenging 20km walk of 9-10 hours concludes at the Magadini campsite, offering panoramic views of the imposing Ol Doinyo Lengai and the shimmering Lake Natron.

Day 4: Baboons & Blissful Baths

A fascinating 10km trail awaits, leading past the iconic Baboon Rock and culminating at the Naikurukuru Hotspring campsite in 4-5 hours. Here, soak your tired muscles in nature’s own spa, the hot spring, all while gazing upon the vast expanse of Lake Natron.

Day 5: Flamingo Finale

The final leg of our safari is a serene 3-4 hour walk from the Naikurukuru Hotspring campsite to the Ngare Sero campsite. Traverse along the shores of Lake Natron, bearing witness to the flamboyant flamingos and other thirsty animals congregating at this life-giving oasis.

NOTE: Every trail benefits from the assurance of a support vehicle, providing a comforting presence and flexibility for trekkers. Paired with competitive rates, families find this walking safari an unbeatable deal. Our adept Maasai crew, including a guide, chef, and porter, ensures a seamless journey. For further insights, check our dedicated link to Ol Doinyo Lengai.

Price in USD
Group size 2-3

Group size 4-6
Group size 7 +
6 Days / 5 Nights
Price per person1,917 1,340negotiable