Walking Safari

MAASAI WALKING SAFARI: Into the Crater and Beyond

5-Day Trek from Simba Campsite to Ngare Sero Lake Natron with a Memorable Ngorongoro Game Drive

Day 1: Ngorongoro Exploration

Begin your adventure with a drive to the magnificent Ngorongoro crater. Today, you’ll immerse yourself in a full-day game drive within the crater’s expanses. Revel in the sight of majestic lions that are notably larger than those in other national parks. The day provides unparalleled vistas of the crater, home to Africa’s renowned Big Five. As nightfall descends, you’ll retreat to the serenity of Simba campsite/lodge.

Day 2: Embakai Crater Encounter

Wake up early, fuel up with breakfast, and embark on a journey through the Nainokanoka village, ultimately leading you to the foot of the Embakai crater. As the evening approaches, you’ll be setting up at a special campsite nestled on the crater’s rim, offering awe-inspiring views of the landscapes below.

Day 3: Trek with Trusty Companions

Today introduces a unique facet of the Maasai walking safari: the Maasai land cruisers. With luggage secured on these trusty donkeys, you’ll commence your journey to the Acacia campsite, passing through the vibrant Nayobi village.

Day 4: Rift Valley Revelation

The final leg of your journey unfolds with a descent into the rift valley. The day promises mesmerizing views of the volcanic terrain leading to the shimmering waters of Lake Natron. As the day concludes, you have the choice of experiencing authentic Maasai culture with an overnight stay at a Maasai boma or settling into a campsite/lodge.

Day 5: Early Lake Show

As the sun begins to paint the African sky with hues of orange and pink, Day 5 commenced with a leisurely late breakfast at the campsite, providing a moment to reflect on the remarkable journey. Earlier in the morning the Massai guided you to the mesmerizing Lake Natron, where flamingos danced in the morning light. After a refreshing dip and exploration, the afternoon offered a choice between a final cultural immersion or a quiet moment at the campsite. As the sun began to set, you bid farewell to Lake Natron, and by late afternoon, you found yourself back in Arusha, the memories of the Maasai Walking Safari etched in your heart.

NOTE: Every trail benefits from the assurance of a support vehicle, providing a comforting presence and flexibility for trekkers. Paired with competitive rates, families find this walking safari an unbeatable deal. Our adept Maasai crew, including a guide, chef, and porter, ensures a seamless journey. For further insights, check our dedicated link to Ol Doinyo Lengai.

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5 Days/4 Nights
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