11 Days Ultimate Safari Adventure: Lake Eyasi, Ngorongoro, Serengeti, and Lake Natron

Embark on an extraordinary 11-day safari with Green Africa Guide, exploring the mesmerizing landscapes and vibrant wildlife of Lake Eyasi, Ngorongoro, Serengeti, and Lake Natron.

Day 1: Mto wa Mbu Harmony

Transition from KIA to Mto wa Mbu, where you’ll traverse scenic vistas and explore local markets. A tranquil swim in a tent camp’s pool subtly introduces you to Tanzania’s serene side.

Day 2: Eyasi & Ngorongoro - Tales from the Tribes

Travel to Lake Eyasi, absorbing Hadzabe and Datoga tribal traditions. Evening whispers tales of the wild at Simba Campsite, nested on Ngorongoro’s rim.

Day 3: In the Land of the Big Five - Ngorongoro Crater

Immerse yourself in the regal aura of Ngorongoro Crater, where the mighty lions roam with unabashed authority across the lush caldera. The excitement crescendos as you relish a serene lunch beside a vibrant hippopotamus pool, absorbing the symphony of nature’s uninhibited life around you. Subsequently, your journey weaves towards the iconic Serengeti, its boundless plains whispering promises of adventures yet to unfold in Tanzania’s legendary wilderness.

Day 4: Heartbeat of the Serengeti

Dive into a day amid Serengeti’s marvels: wildebeests, buffaloes, elephants, and gazelles, presenting nature’s live spectacle. A cozy campsite under the infinite Serengeti sky cradles your night.

Day 5: From Serengeti to Wasso through Kleins Gate

Exiting Serengeti through Kleins Gate, the memories of topis and elands linger, while the day unfolds with vistas reaching Wasso. With giraffes gracefully adorning the landscapes and an overnight stay in a comfortable Wasso guesthouse, the journey seamlessly weaves into the canvas of your safari tale.

Day 6: Wasso Wanderings

Embarking from Wasso, you’ll cross the gentle flow of the Wasso River. Encounters with local Maasai and breathtaking vistas up to the Kenyan border enrich the day. Post 16km and 5-6 hours of exploration, Osupuko welcomes with ready tents.

Day 7: Sun Over Sonjo Valley

From Osupuko, weave through woodlands toward Sonjo Valley. Lunch overlooks the valley, preluding your descent into the realm of the Batemi (Sonjo) people and their impressive irrigation. Your 19km, 5-6 hour trek ends warmly at a tent camp amongst local families.

Day 8: Rainforest Rambles

Departing Sonjo Valley, traverse a vibrant rainforest to Digodigo, where a tented camp near a clinic offers respite and a peek into village life. The day unfolds over 9km and 3-4 hours, with local shops and bars offering ample interaction.

Day 9: Masusu Marvels

Embark through dry terrains toward Lake Natron. Encounter Maasai territories, interact with local Batemi settlements, and at Masusu, relish in stories from the local school’s headmaster. After 17km and 5-6 hours, a tented camp ensures rest.

Day 10: Natron Nirvana

Commence your final walking day along gravel trails, descending into the East African Rift Valley. Admire Lake Natron and Ol Doinyo Lengai volcano, while thermal springs tease with heat suitable for flamingos and pelicans. Concluding the 21km, 4-5-hour trek, vehicles transport you to Engare Sero, where a visit to the Engare Sero waterfalls might adorn the day’s end.

Day 11: Timeless Traces - Lake Natron to Arusha

Embark on a morning steeped in antiquity at Lake Natron, where the ancient footprints of our ancestors linger on the shoreline, providing a unique, millennia-old record of human history amidst the wilderness. Witnessing these ethereal echoes from the past sets a profound tone for your day, as you also marvel at the vibrant flamingo colonies that elegantly navigate the alkaline waters, their pink forms reflecting gracefully on the surface. The day gradually morphs from the peaceful serenity of Lake Natron to a scenic transfer, navigating you towards Arusha. This transition from the ancient, unspoiled habitats back to the bustling vibrancy of human civilization forms a poignant conclusion to your 11-day safari adventure through Tanzania’s wildly beautiful landscapes.

Day 12: Serenity and Farewell - Arusha and Transfer to KIA

Embark on a peaceful day unwinding in the gentle rhythm of Arusha, as your 11-day Tanzanian safari adventure gradually transcends into cherished memories.

Relinquish the morning to Arusha’s calming embrace, meandering through its vibrant streets, absorbing the blend of cultures and perhaps purchasing mementos from its bustling markets. Allow yourself a moment in its serene parks or visit a local café, reflecting upon the adventures that have gracefully unfolded over the past days.

As the day gradually unwinds, a smooth transfer to Kilimanjaro International Airport (KIA) awaits, ensuring your journey homeward or onward is as seamless as the adventures preceding it. With a heart full of tales from the expansive plains of the Serengeti to the enchanting terrains of Ngorongoro and beyond, your stories from the heart of Tanzania will forever echo in your adventures yet to come.

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